Butcher Block Styles


Custom Ideas  & Options

Custom thicknesses, any width and any length, under mount or top mount sinks, stove cutouts, pre-fit joints and seams with all necessary hardware, back-splash to match, curves or any shape imaginable, knife slots, drain boards....

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Edge Details

Standard or custom multi-layered edge and corner details are no problem.  Click here for a page showing examples.



When we found this stash of tight grain old growth redwood that was pulled from aging water & wine tanks in California we knew we had to make solid wood countertops with it.  A very rich, dark coppery luminescent color with a steely patina from the water still rippling through the grain. Our end grain orients the hardest face up, it is much harder, tough enough for any application.  Absolutely stunning, incredibly unique and a very limited wood supply.


Reclaimed from wine and water tanks, this West Coast Native (ask about LEED & FSC credits).  Best color and quality comes from Northern California to Southern Oregon.

Made in the Northwest


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