Butcher Block Details & Ideas

Antique Distressing

We've got lots of clients who want a table surface that looks and feels like its a true Vintage Antique table or cabinet top.  Our craftsmen work back and forth with you via photographs to get the look and feel of the piece just right.  Then our master finishers utilize finishes identical to those used in Europe for centuries.  When we send you a distressed and stained sample,  that is a product that WE distressed and stained here in our shop- meaning we know exactly how we did it and can re-do it when you place your order.


Edge Details

We've got standard edge profiles that are built into the price of your butcher block.  Click here for a pdf file of our standard details.

Custom details can certainly be milled,  they can be especially appropriate on our thicker countertops (2-1/2" +).  Feel free to call and discuss or send us a sketch/photo of what you have in mind.



We do a lot of butcher block islands with overhangs,  a place to stash a few stools and really make the center of the kitchen or side bar feel much more like the old kitchen table- a great place for family and friends to hang out while others are cooking.  Generally we can recommend an overhang max of 16" before structural support from below is necessary.  If you don't want corbels (visually or just to save your knees...)  we can design your butcher block with an inlaid metal structure.   Feel free to call to discuss details.


Extra Thick Island Counter Tops

While we do plenty of 1-1/2" thick standard dimension countertops,  we all admit that those thicker slabs do look very hefty and strong in the right kitchen or commercial space.  Feel free to come up with your own ideas, we make each butcher block to order so whatever thickness you can imagine, we can build.


Custom Shapes & Thicknesses

Any shape, any curve, any corner detail.  We'll transfer your hand drawing into a more detailed rendering if it helps you visualize your future space.  After you have a shape you are happy with,  we'll turn it into a template cut to precision specifications via CNC.

Order a sample

Antique Distressing to create a vintage farm table look

Standard edge profiles can be add visual interest

Extended overhangs make great bar seating on islands

Extra thick slabs all for one of a kind custom edge details

Corner details can emphasize cabinet legs



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