Installation of Butcher Block Countertops

Your butcher block arrives ready to install right out of the crate.  We provide all the instructions necessary to fasten the countertop to it's substructure.  When attaching a butcher block to a base,  allowances need to be made to accommodate natural seasonal changes in humidity.  As solid wood countertops are a living material,  it will slightly expand and contract with the seasons

Like the construction of fine furniture, your method of attaching the block to a structure needs to simply allow for that "breathing".   DO NOT GLUE the butcher block to a sub-structure, most glues are not flexible enough to allow the block to breathe.

Butcher block is traditionally attached from below,  through the cabinet top structure and into the block with lag bolts (large screws).  If the cabinet has pre-drilled slotted holes, make sure the bolts are centered in the slot.  If the cabinet does not have pre-drilled holes, drill a 5/8" diameter hole through the cabinet top struts.  A 1/4" lag bolt with a washer should be used to fasten (pre-drill through the cabinet hole center into the butcher block to avoid splitting the wood).  Length will vary depending on the application,  a good rule of thumb is to use a bolt long enough to penetrate one half the countertop's thickness.  Use one bolt per foot to attach depth-wise,  use one bolt every three fee to attach to the length on both sides.  Snug bolts until the block is flush with the cabinet top.

Remember- you want the countertop to move a bit with the seasons, otherwise the top or the cabinet may be compromised.

Butcher Block Installation instructions

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