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Why should I choose Green Mountain for my wood countertop?

At Green Mountain, our focus is first and foremost on quality.  We build our countertops to order and each order is a custom project.  There are no off-the-shelf options at Green Mountain.  Our communication with designers, builders and homeowners is unparalleled for its thoroughness and clarity.  We provide detailed drawings of all projects to be sure every detail has been covered before we even start on your project.  Once construction begins, we hand pick each piece of wood for color and quality to insure the highest integrity in construction as well as color and grain.  Our crew of craftspeople here in Oregon see each piece through to completion, inspecting at every step so only the highest quality countertops leave our shop.  When they do leave, we carefully pack each order in a custom crate along with detailed installation instructions and accompanying hardware if required.  Simply put, we put so much attention into each piece we ship so that when it arrives at your home, all you have to worry about is enjoying your new Green Mountain countertop.


Is end grain or side grain better for my countertop?

It really depends.  For most people it comes down to aesthetics.  Check out our variety of options and let that guide you.  If you are looking for the most durable cutting or chopping surface, the best construction style is end grain.  This the most traditionals cutting board surface as the end grain is not only easier on knife edges but end grain also has a natural ability to “heal” itself.  We have certainly had many clients use side grain countertops for cutting and chopping as they like the the seeing the knife marks, giving it a worn and lived-in appearance.  Either way, both side grain and end grain construction will provide a durable countertop that will last for generations.

Is it okay to have a sink in a wood countertop?

Yes.  For areas where water will be regularly present, we recommend our SatinSeal finish.  It is water, chemical and stain resistant, making for a great protective finish around sinks.


Can I place a hot pan on a wood countertop?

We don’t recommend placing a pan directly from the stove onto your countertop as this can burn the surface and compromise the joints.  If this is a common part of your cooking practice, we recommend placing a hot pad or trivet next to your stove to protect your countertop from excessive heat.

Which finish should I choose?

We have two great finish options- our Natural Oil and our SatinSeal permanent finish.  Both are food safe, although our SatinSeal finish should not be used for chopping or cutting.  Our SatinSeal finish requires no maintenance and is commercial grade while still offering a thin and satiny surface.  It does not have that “glazed donut” finish that is often associated with wood countertop finishes.  Our Natural Oil finish brings out the rich colors of our woods while being safe for cutting and chopping.  It does require a bit of regular easy maintenance.  We recommend applying our oil every month to maintain the richness of the wood.  If the top gets heavy use, a more regular routine may be necessary.

Do you ship?

Yes.  We have worked with architects, designers, builders and homeowners across the country, helping them realize their vision.  We provide detailed computer sketches to insure all details are exactly as specified.  We can also download virtually any sink template and cut it in our shop so it arrives ready for a perfect fit.  Our shipping coordinator builds each crate to order and arranges shipping for a seamless journey to your home or jobsite.



Is Green Mountain flooring made in the U.S.A.?

Yes.  Our woods are grown and harvested in the beautiful Pacific Northwest and dried and milled to exacting specifications in Oregon.  We are proud to keep our jobs local and it allows us to oversee the process every step of the way.  For example, our tongue and groove profile is snug without being tight.  This is because our molding operator has spent years perfecting his trade and takes great pride in meeting the exacting standards we have set.  Our engineered flooring is also manufactured in Northwest, providing the same quality as our solid wood floors.  There is a big difference between our floors and floors from companies who ship their material to China or South America to be manufactured.  Our team is about craft and loves working with wood.  It makes a difference and it will show on the floor that will grace your home for generations.


Is Green Mountain engineered flooring as durable as solid flooring?

It is.  We took great care when developing our engineered flooring line as we know that laminate flooring has a less than stellar reputation.  We insisted on making a product that would be on par with our solid wood flooring.  As a result, our engineered flooring has a 4.5 mm wear layer that goes down the tongue and can be resanded the same number of time as our solid floors.  We also wanted it to feel solid underfoot.  To achieve that, we chose a multi-layer furniture grade plywood that is void free and full of integrity.   Most engineered floors have inferior scrap wood cores with many voids, compromising the meat of the product.  With Green Mountain engineered floor, your floor will not only look like solid flooring but also FEEL like solid flooring.


Can I put wood flooring over radiant heat or a concrete slab?

We recommend using our engineered flooring over radiant heat or a concrete slab as well as flooring that is below grade.


Should I choose a pre-finished or unfinished floor?

This is mostly about personal preference.  We find that most of our customers who choose pre-finished floors are doing a remodel and don’t want to have floors sanded and finished on site.  Some simply like the convenience and immediate results that pre-finished floors offer.   Some choose not to use pre-finished as they want square edges on their floor to produce flat surface.  Pre-finished floors have a micro-bevel between boards.  Regardless of which option you choose, you can be assured that you’ll be getting Green Mountain quality through and through.


How much flooring should I order?

You or a licensed flooring contractor should measure the total square footage of your space and add an additional 5% for your final number.  If you have several turns or angled walls in your home, you should order 8% over to account for waste.


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