Solid & Engineered Flooring (and why we make both)

We created our engineered flooring to provide OPTIONS.  The National Wood Flooring Association guidelines advise against using solid wood flooring in certain situations, such as over concrete slab or installations that are below grade.

No compromise

Our engineered wood floors are built to the same exacting standards as our solid wood floor and enjoy our lifetime guarantee.  We use the same lumber to create the 3/16” thick wear layer as we use for our solid flooring, so our engineered floors look just as beautiful and are as durable  as our solid floors.

Thicker wear Layer

Our 3/16” wear layer provides the same durability and sandability as solid wood flooring.

Multi-layer Baltic Birch Core

Our Baltic Birch hardwood plywood is a void-free platform providing a stable and solid floor.  Our ⅝” thick floor is 9 ply and our ¾” thick floor is 11-ply.  Most engineered flooring is made with low-grade, low-cost  cores of soft wood that have fewer layers and many voids, compromising the overall integrity of the floor.

Extra Long Lengths

Our engineered floors are between 2’ and 10’ long with the average length over 4’.  Most engineered flooring is imported and shipped in 6’ long boxes to fit into shipping containers.  This means shorter lengths and a blocky looking floor.

Custom Options

Our engineered standard width is a generous 5” with widths available from 2 ¼” up to 12” wide.  Available in ⅝” and ¾” thickness.

Made in the Northwest

As with our solid wood flooring, we manufacture our engineered floors in the Northwest.

Unfinished or Pre-Finished

You can choose to finish your floor on site or have it arrive finished with our no-VOC oil (click here for more info on our finish).


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Thick 4.5 mm wear layer on furniture grade ply foundation

Tight milling specs

Solid traditional flooring

Engineered wear layer has same sand-ability as solid

Engineered Pre-finished floor with standard micro-bevel



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