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There's a very elegant West Coast style of architecture and interior design and at it's core is a use of materials indigenous to the region.  Specializing in the the woods from the forests we live near is important to us.  We end up on custom projects in all kinds of woods, we've got so many interesting, beautiful and UNIQUE woods here to create with we hardly need to look outside our area for raw materials to work with.

And of course there's quality

By milling, drying and manufacturing our products here,  we have a very tight eye and firm grip on quality.  With small batch production, we have custom level quality without the ultra-high prices.  When we send you a distressed and stained floor sample,  that is a product that WE distressed and stained here in our shop- meaning we know exactly how we did it and can re-do it when you place your order.

We don't export manufacturing

We understand why flooring factories feel they have to export mass production.  We won't do it.  We won't compromise the quality for cheaper labor.  We won't cut all of our flooring short so that it fits more efficiently in the shipping containers. We won't depend on cheap and dirty energy to ship materials and products across the globe for manufacturing.  And we don't want to send jobs away from the Northwest.  Period.


Made in the Northwest


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