Styles & Patterns

Side Grain Long Strip Style

Side or Edge Grain is your traditional look for what was known as a "Baker's block" working wood surface.  Planks are sawn into strips and turned up on edge so that the harder "Side" orientation of the grain becomes the working surface of the counter top.    We use thicker lumber than typical for our butcher blocks, avoiding the "stripey" look that others have when they use lots of thin strips of wood.  Great for high use islands, worktops and cutting surfaces.  Moderate to very hard depending on the species. We don't use leftover lumber, so no short "fingerjointed" or "butt" joined pieces that would otherwise break up the long linear flow of the pieces.   We hand sort and organize the color, grain and figure of the strips across the surface of your butcher block for an even look.

End Grain Checkered Block Style

This is your old style "Butcher's" block because the straight up orientation of the wood's grain allows the fibers of the wood to spread apart with the knife edge and re-seal after the knife is removed. The end grain is very hard, even harder than the side grain and is perfect for heavy use cutting surfaces and chopping blocks.

Staggered blocks provide structural rigidity and integrity as well as a very unique look to an island or work surface.  End grain takes oils and finishes differently than side or wide plank boards and tends to look richer and darker.    We like to produce these countertops at a minimum of 2" thick,  but they look great as a thick slab with some serious heft-  very utilitarian while preserving the warmth richness of the natural wood in this unique style.

Wide Plank Furniture Style

Wide Plank style is your typical furniture type orientation of the wood grain to the surface of the piece. It's not the hardest style available, but it does provide more of a kitchen table look and is a great way to bring that homey feel to any island.

Wide Plank is also a good way to warm up counter tops and create a European or Old World feel in a kitchen.  And even more so with a subtle bit of Antique Distressing on the exposed edges.   We spend a bit of time when distressing table or countertops to replicate the type and level of wear that would make the surface look like it has been used for a few hundred years.

Custom Green Mountain Patterns

Another example of the creativity and effort on the part of our team of artists/craftsmen.  Building wood islands and countertops can be so much more than what typical factories will ever provide you.  Our team works with you and your designers to create unique styles and looks that will last a lifetime.  We've got plenty of ideas that we are always working on....feel free to call and tell us your vision,  we'll find a way to make it happen.

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Long seamless runs are our specialty

Reclaimed Redwood end grain showing the patina of age

Wide Plank Style Cherry with subtle Antique Distressing

Quilted End Grain with our Northwest Blend mix of woods



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