Care & Maintenance


Some clients use their butcher blocks as a large cutting board, others treat them like fine furniture.  In either case, clean up entails simply wiping the surface with a moist sponge after use.  Avoid harsh detergents and puddles of standing water.  That's it!

Maintenance for your countertop depends largely on how you use it and what finish was specified.


Maintenance for Surfaces with Natural Oil + Wax Treatment

Natural Oil finished tops are designed to be cut right on them, just like a cutting board.  Because wood is a natural, living material, it needs to be regularly conditioned or "moisturized"  to maintain its original luster and develop its own unique patina,  just like you should be doing with all of your wooden ware in the kitchen.  Re-oiling is simple,  just spread oil evenly over the surface, allow it to soak in for about 5 minutes then wipe the excess off with a clean rag.  It's that easy!

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SatinSeal Finished Surfaces

finish is a film that builds up on the surface of the butcher block,  sealing the wood and preventing moisture absorption.  For this reason,  this finish is great around sinks but is not designed for cutting on (you don't want to cut through the protective finish).  Marine Grade Oil finished butcher block won't need regular re-oiling.




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