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One of the most important things for us when working with designers and specifiers is good, clear communication.

From the moment you contact us-  your project is assigned to one of our design staff who will spend the time to listen to your design vision and intent and back that up with our production reality.  Through samples, quotes, orders, delivery, billing and follow up-  that same design liaison will be your contact for any questions, ideas and changes that pop up.  We take the time to thoroughly review your notes and drawings,  we catch any discrepancies and create our own production drawings (to be reviewed by the client) whenever needed.  Building consistent and regular flows of information during complex, custom projects means that design goals are met in a timely fashion and budgets are maintained.


We stand behind our products.  Period.  We put a lot of time and energy into making sure we have the highest quality lumber and the tightest manufacturing processes possible.  Fit and finish, checked and double checked.  And if we get it wrong -  we will repair or replace- quickly.


Job site and production schedules flux and flow and we do our best to keep you apprised of any changes.  We understand the variables of big projects and work with you to adjust specs and delivery to suit your project.  If you are truly in a rush, let us know- we will do our best to re-arrange projects and work shifts to meet your project's needs.


Yes we make and sell beautiful things out of wood,  but our real job is to help our clients solve problems.  Being creative and inventive is what makes this work so much fun.  Creating original work, making custom pieces, figuring out how to make your vision come alive is what we live for.


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We won't send you a big kit of samples, we know that most designer's libraries are already packed full, so just call us when you have a particular project that we can help with.  Most samples are finished and in stock and ship out via UPS Ground within 1 day no charge.  If you aren't already registered with us it only takes a minute.

We can talk about quality and craftsmanship all day long, but to earn your respect and trust - and to clarify how what we do differs from other manufacturers - we need you to FEEL what we  make here at Green Mountain.

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