Pre-Finished & Unfinished Flooring

We built our name on solid, seamless unfinished plank flooring and will continue to offer it as our traditional, timeless hardwood flooring standard.

But we heard time again from clients that there are times when a PreFinished floor just makes more sense.  So we set out to figure out the best way to offer clients a no-mess, no smell way to install hardwood flooring during a re-model.

So we set out to make the best pre-finished floor we could....starting with our engineered line.

Standardized 5" Wide Planks

Allowing a full range of the beauty and color of each board to stand out.

All Natural Oil Finish

Not the aluminum glazed unrepairable finishes from China.  Repairable.  Satin sheen- not the glossy, vinyl look of most factory floors.

Minimal Beveled Edges

Slight beveled edges are necessary because you aren't sanding the floor once installed.   So irregularities in your sub-floor don't translate into sharp exposed edges.  But they can be kept to a clean elegant minimum.

Care and Maintenance

Simple to clean & re-fresh the finish at the same time.  We even include a small kit to get you started that ships with your order.


Learn more about the finish we chose to work with here.

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Engineered available factory pre-finished or unfinished

Pre-finished flooring with standard micro-bevel

Our traditional solid, no-bevel site finished flooring



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