Douglas Fir

Douglas Fir is a timeless Northwest classic available in a clear vertical grain style that is common up and down the West Coast in early 1900 Victorian's as well as mid century Bungalows.  A honey- golden toned wood, Doug Fir has long been a favorite of architects and designers when a rich, uniform zen-like look is desired.  Often milled to longer lengths- up to 12-16' plus.

Appearance Grades

SELECT is our finest grade, appropriate for wherever a refined, upscale look is sought.  Virtually clear, Select allows an occasional small pin knot and burl.

 CHARACTER  is our popular appearance grade.  Highlights the structurally sound natural features of the wood, including knots no larger than 2” in diameter, tight burls & small fillable holes which will not effect the integrity of the flooring.


Janka rating 1450 suitable for high traffic commercial or residential applications

Flooring Types



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