EcoStatus Categories

We think that where  your wood comes from is just as important a factor as color, grain, hardness and price.  For that reason, we list each of our woods with it's "ECOSTATUS" , to help you make good decisions about the qualities of your materials.

FSC® CERTIFIED- Wood that comes from forests managed to the standards of the Forest Stewardship Council™- a third party non-profit organization that maintains the standards for "Sustainable Forestry".  The FSC evaluates the long term forest management plans of land owners to assess for ecological and social health.

RESTORATION- Trees harvested in forest eco-system restoration projects designed to reduce the risk of catastrophic wild fires, encouraging wildlife habitat and restoring old-growth forests.

RECLAIMED- Woods which are re-milled or re-used from salvaged barns, mills or other buildings being demolished.

NW NATIVE-  Woods which are native to and manufactured within our Northwest Eco-Region.  We've worked for years with the non-profit Sustainable Northwest's Healthy Forests, Healthy Communities partnership to encourage ecologically responsible and restorative forestry across our region, on both public and private forest lands.

SALVAGED-  Urban and rural trees which are being rescued from the dump, chip mills or firewood to be utilized and appreciated for better valued products.

SELECTIVE REMOVAL- Individual trees removed due to windfall, disease or hazard status.



All of Green Mountain’s products are LEED point eligible as deterimed by the US Green Building Council (USGBC).  Green Mountain’s in-house LEED specialist is available to help determine which credits apply to your order.  Upon request, Green Mountain will provide all pertinent documentation for applicable credits, streamlining the process for your local LEED AP.

Potential points include:


MR Credit 5 Regional Materials

MR Credit 6 Rapidly Renewable Materials

MR Credit 7 Certified Wood


IEQ Credit 4.2 Low Emitting Materials- Adhesives and Sealants

IEQ Credit 4.2 Low-Emitting Materials- Paints and Coating



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