Quality Lumber for our Butcher Block

There are cheaper butcher block out there

We decided a long time ago to build only the butcher block countertops out there.  Not the cheapest.  Not made in foreign factories.  Not even made by machine.  Made by hand.  Colors sorted and arranged by hand.

Lumber Thickness

We mill and use thicker, furniture grade lumber because we don't like how busy they get when made from the  more common thin strip lumber.  That means our staves are wider,  which gives the piece enough room to show the natural flow of the grain and color.  We know you expect heirloom quality,  so we start with heirloom quality materials.

We can make any size countertop you need.  Seamless

We mill most of our lumber to 8,10 & 12' lengths.  But what if you need an 18 foot  long butcher block bar or serving area?  Most manufacturers would tell you to put a seam in it.  But that takes away from the long continuous flow of color and grain that you visualized.

And its especially disruptive when you have interesting woods or blends that have distinctively different colors that would be interrupted and not match up with 2 factory made countertops that needed a seam.   We have a different process,  ensuring a clean, elegant flow of color and grain along the full length of the surface as long as you want it.  Its a small detail.  It takes a little extra time.  It takes a bit more effort to make a strong crate to protect it.  We don't charge extra for it.   Some clients don't even ask for it,  don't even notice.  And that's part of what makes us different.


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